Data Made Simple For Every Businesses


What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence, or BI in short, is the deployment of various technologies and strategies for data analysis of business metrics and information. The BI service provided by AM Collective gives every businesses a concise historical and predictive views of company’s performance on various platforms through the use of a dashboard.

How can this service help in your business?

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No more numbers crunching on your spreadsheets. We transform raw data into actionable and easy to understand visuals for your business.

We know that sorting out a month’s worth of raw data would take about 3 days or more. With our business intelligence service, your raw data could be sorted out in seconds.

Our business intelligence dashboard is stored on Google’s high security cloud servers. This means you can access your data anywhere, anytime at high transfer speed securely.

Now, you can spend more time in making better business decisions.

The intelligent solution

How does it work?


Your raw data are first collected, analysed and transformed into customisable and compelling visuals like charts and tables. With this, business owners can take actions based on the information our data engineers has sorted for you.

Our business intelligence service eliminates guessing and gain business changing insights of your customers. Let us do the heavy lifting for your data.

Pricing of DataMatrix

This service is provided to the clients that we manage and the businesses we own. DataMatrix can also be subscribed separately as a single service. Please contact us for more information.

Our pricing promise

DataMatrix is designed to be affordable for all businesses. AM Collective hopes to empower all businesses with the right tools and technology to grow their businesses in this competitive and dynamic digital era.

Lifetime free upgrade
Get lifetime free upgrades when you subscribe to DataMatrix.

Low monthly management fee
There will only be a one time setup fee and subsequently a low monthly management fee for our servers and data engineers. It can be as low as $150 per month, depending on the complexity of your data.

Tech and service support
Our technical support team will be here to answer your questions and solve technical problems that might arise.